Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

Eco-Friendly production


Brianza Plastica has always stood out for its business model that focuses on safety, environment and people, operating in full compliance with the laws on environmental hygiene.

For this purpose, its fiberglass laminates production sites are equipped with powerful suction systems that purify the internal production areas by carrying the solvents, generated during the production process, to modern abatement plants.

Brianza has installed abatement plants with innovative solvent concentration and destruction process in its four fiberglass laminates production sites in Carate Brianza, S. Martino di Venezze and Ostellato.

The abatement plant automatically powers itself by recovering the heat generated by the combustion of solvent. The heat recovered from the combustion is partly reused to power the actual plant and partly to generate hot water for heating.