Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

General informations


ELYPLAN is the high quality fiberglass by Brianza Plastica produced continuously using advanced machinery, crowning the more than fifty years experience in the field of flat laminates. The flexibility of the system allows producing the laminate most suited to the customer’s needs, for temperature-controlled vehicles, vans, restoration of walls, cold storage rooms and special applications. Basically, it is ideal for applications that require washable surfaces, smooth or rough, with high resistance to corrosive elements present in the environment. Like all products developed by Brianza Plastica, the high quality of Elyplan is guaranteed by the use of the finest raw materials and by gelcoat obtained from isophthalic resins, which ensure high resistance to yellowing, water vapour and condensation.

Elyplan perfectly protects the sensitive elements of the panel against humidity, whether they are made of insulated foam or laminated wood.  It preserves the insulation characteristics, guaranteeing the maintenance of ATP certificates in the long term and better performance of refrigeration machines.